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Established in 2006

Established in 2006 in the offices of The Tecumseh Herald - Homefront began as an exclusive real estate book and quickly morphed into a community lifestyle magazine. Originally mailed exclusively to every home and business in Tecumseh, we now reach far outside the Tecumseh area. The full-color glossy format has become a "must read" and therefore a "must advertise in..." publication.

What We Do

Located 30 miles Southwest of Ann Arbor, we explore and bring to light the rich offerings this corner of Southeast Michigan has to offer. From farm to table recipes, antique offerings, loft renovations, personal stories and exciting events, our seasonal magazine focuses on the charm of small town living.

Spreading the Word

Known for taking immense pride in our work, we feel we succeed when our advertisers do. Our 5 time MPA (Michigan Press Association) Award Winning graphic artists create many successful ad campaigns for local small businesses wishing not to remain small. Our design fee is free and is incorporated in our ad space rates. Businesses using their own agencies are also welcome to spread the word to our avid readers.

Some of our Featured Stories

We like to keep you up-to-date with what's going on right in your own backyard.
Here are some stories from our latest issue of Homefront.

From My Kitchen

From My Kitchen

Anne Flora    Fall 2016 Homefront

I have been fascinated with food since I was a little girl in Iowa. I was the oldest of six children with an Italian father and German/English mother. As a result, our family dinners were a great mix of Italian, German and down-home Iowa recipes.

My dad was a football coach at the University of Iowa. After home games (win or lose) we would have a crowd over for spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna on those Saturday nights. Food lessened the gloom after a defeat. Read more



Mary Kay McPartlin    Fall 2016 Homefront

In a world where Americans spend minutes with medical practitioners and large sums of money on pills for pain relief, acupuncture can offer a refreshing alternative. More time is spent with practitioners and less money is spent on pain pills. This ancient medical practice began in China thousands of years ago, with the first textbook written somewhere around 305-204 B.C.

Most people think of needles when acupuncture is discussed, but practitioners find needles to be only one aspect of treating human ailments, and sometimes needles aren't used at all. The focus of Chinese medicine and acupuncture is Read more



Jackie Koch    Fall 2016 Homefront

Some of the people you see in your everyday travels may have a second calling. In the case of four of Tecumseh's well-known citizens, that second calling is musical. Each of them shared their about their lifelong love of music.

Musician: David Mitchell, owner of DMP Home Inspections and landscaping provider at Beaubien Companies Instrument: Drums Resume: Played drums starting in fifth grade and continued through high school. He has been in several rock bands. Started the band Paragon DMP, eight years ago and plays frequently all over the region,. "I'm so fortunate to have guys Read more

Tecumseh Wood Works

Tecumseh Wood Works

Mary Kay McPartlin    Fall 2016 Homefront

Walt Harvey has known Dick Thomas for most of his life, with a personal and work relationship. Not only did he sell Thomas wood for his company, Thomas Woodworking in Clinton, he would also help out at the business. "I was actually his lumber salesman," said Harvey. "I was a sales rep for HMI Hardwoods for the last 14 years."

At the same time Thomas was ready to retire, Harvey was ready for a mid-life career change. "At 50 some guys go out and buy some kind of toy," Harvey said. "I quit my job and started a business." Read more

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